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polar ice is melting thrice as fast as predicted

Oh, we are so screwed. We already know how the US government will react to global warming -- if cities, even in reliably Evil Party supporting areas, get flooded, they'll simply be left to die -- and since the USA, even in the rapidly approaching sunset of its power, is still the standard Big Stick that people pretend to emulate, the rest of the world will cheerfully follow the American Imperium over the cliff.

We've landed on the moon. We're mapping Mars. We've landed spacecraft on Saturn's moons. We're detecting planets in orbit around distant stars. But we're not willing to take even the slightest step towards keeping this planet (which is, as of today, the only one we've got to live on) habitable.

(not that I'm any great paragon of efficiency as I sit in my too damn large house listening to my furnace pump co2 into the atmosphere. Sigh.)

(cheerful news via Panglossian Notes)