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Oh, and another thing…

Given my druthers, another thing I'd like in my life, aside from living in a state with a functional healthcare system, is to move back to a part of the world where it snows during the winter. The whole west coast rainy season/sunny season business was an amusing diversion the first year I was out here, but it's gotten very old in the 13 years since then.


Piffle. I’ve lived in Hawai'i for 29 years now. What’s a season?

Linkmeister Wed May 2 11:42:53 2007

I’ve been in Hawaii during rainy season, so I’m someone dubious about claims that Hawaii (at least Oahu; I’ve not been on any other island due to the lack of non-tourist [the remains of the Oahu Railroad is, at least nominally, not a tourist railroad] railroads there) doesn’t have seasons.

It’s too bad the snow on the big island doesn’t get down far enough to reach safely populated areas. Perhaps global warming will change that when it throws monkey wrenches into the equatorial weather patterns.

… but it’s *still* not the same as the proper weather you get on the (northern) great plains. You’re not really living if you don’t have a proper hunger moon every once in a while.

David Parsons Wed May 2 20:22:20 2007

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