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It must be election season or something …

... because we've just gotten our first anti-gay push poll of the year. It's pretty easy to tell when the homophobes are behind a poll, because after a stream of simple questions ("do you support (x)?" "will you vote for (y)?" "do you consider yourself a (z)") they burst out into long spittle-filled rants about "special rights" (and in this case, the "special rights" they're talking about is the domestic partnership law that the state of Oregon may be enacting fairly soon. I guess the "special" part of the rights here is that domestic partners don't get the full bundle of privileges that come with the marriage label. But then again we're dealing with a bunch of people who really want the state to have a bounty on gay people, so they can not only commit brutal murders with impunity, but they can commit brutal murders and get paid for it. These thugs probably cry themselves to sleep at night because they can't join the SS anymore) and "how dare the governor sign a domestic partnership bill when the people™ voted just two years ago to hunt down gay people like animals."

Bastards. I look forward to the day when the lot of them are rotting in hell.