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Oh My God
I blame the patriarchy vs. Big Pharma.

No wonder my doctor so cheerfully prescribes US$2000 (which is less than the deductable for my horrid health insurance) MRIs; after seeing a round of drug bills for anything more complicated than the common cold, US$2000 probably looks like pocket change. It certainly puts a new facet into me wanting to quit my job, doesn't it -- if I quit my job and anything happens to me, my family (unless I get a divorce on the spot, then start robbing banks to get money to buy the drugs) will go bankrupt instantaneously, and then I'd die because I wouldn't have any more money to pay for the wonder drug.

I already knew that the for-profit medical system is controlled by people with the moral bearings of a maggot, but it's shocking to see (and read about) the system in action. It's like lifting a rock and discovering a half-eaten human body underneath.

(from I Blame The Patriarchy)