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Goodbye, Roe v. Wade.

How to make women cattle, in four easy steps:

  1. Make up an imaginary abortion technique.
  2. Pass a law outlawing it.
  3. Appoint compliant bagmen to the US Supreme Court.
  4. Declare that this law outlawing an imaginary abortion technique is legal.

One consequence, of course, will be that the number of abortions in the USA will go up because now that the fundamentalists have managed to get Roe v. Wade overturned (and that's what it is; if you can pass laws banning made-up procedures, you can use that law to prosecute basically anything you want) they'll be able to start going after other forms of birth control and will thus force more women into having those oh-so-safe illegal backalley abortions. But the number of abortions was never a concern. No, the "problem" was that if women can control their own bodies, that makes them equal to men, and if there's one thing that fundamentalists want, it's to make women (as well as anyone else who doesn't fit into the procrustean bed of the patriarchy. But, to be honest, that's a little something extra; the main reason is to put the boot to women) less than human.


Thanks for this, Orc.

L-girl Sun Apr 22 12:51:54 2007

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