This Space for Rent

It must be a Sith thing.

Darth Vader has his hyperbaric chamber where he has to scuttle away to whenever he wants some time alone. Perhaps that was an artifact of being julienned by his ex-teacher, but when I read about Darth Cheney's little hideaway, I begin to wonder:

Airstream’s appeal seems to have few limits, and indeed a powerful world traveler recently provided proof of its persistent appeal. On a trip to Asia in February, Vice President Dick Cheney traveled in an Airstream — inside an airplane.

A mobile home trailer. In a C17. It's bad enough that the Air Force is naming the C17 the "Spirit of Strom Thurmond" (I suppose calling it "Executor" would have been a bit of a giveaway), but using it to carry a trailer? Either (a) Darth Cheney is even more batshit insane than I thought, or (b) he's one of the aliens from V and he wants a little hideaway so he can peel off his Jabba the Hutt suit and relax.

(Batshit insanity via The Poor Man)