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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Yesterday, I

  1. worked half the day
  2. went to the Lego store with the bears, discovered that last friday's Brickfest midnight excursion had not cleaned out the bins of old lego stuff, and took minor advantage of that (the pieces have already been all used up. You'd think I'd learn and get twice as much as I need, but, no, I keep trying to be sensible, only to discover, too late, that my stomach is bigger than my eyes.
  3. went to my parent's house for Silas's family birthday party, where he got even more legos.
  4. dragged the exhausted hyperactive children home, shovelled them into bed, sorted the soon-­to-­be-­used-­up legos, then collapsed

Today, I

  1. helped bathe the bears (they can bathe themselves, but they tend to do it at a rather more leisurely rate than we had time for today.)
  2. went to the Westmoreland easter egg hunt.
  3. Assembled Silas's new lego X-wing (the one on the left.)
  4. shovelled the bears into their grandparent's car so they could go to another egg hunt while the best and I got things ready for...
  5. Silas's friends birthday party, which was up by the Zoo, and which was an absolute hell of excitedly screaming children packed into a tiny echoey room
  6. packed out all of the stuff that we brought up to the birthday party, then brought it all home
  7. helped Russell build some legos, then, finally...
  8. Realized that I'd forgotten about Friday Dust Mite Blogging!

Well, that was silly. And easy to fix.