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Help! Help! I’m being repressed!

Also, the department has launched a new website,, with information on the laws they enforce and how to file a complaint. Justice officials will be distributing informational literature to religious organizations, civil rights groups and community leaders on how to file a complaint

(nasty right-wing fundamentalist link via Americablog)

I don't know about you, but my religious freedom is being greatly infringed upon by not being able to legally marry another man. Perhaps it's time to send Abu Gonzales a little note about how I'm being oppressed by the self-proclaimed "highly moral christians(tm)" who passed a Hate Amendment in Oregon.

Not, of course, that it would do any good, because the B*sh junta has no intention to defend any religious freedoms at all. They'd be perfectly happy to convert the American Imperium into the Republic of Gilead just as long as the religious authorities didn't interfere with the rent taking and private lives of the ultra-wealthy. Remember, when a member of the B*sh junta talks about religious freedom, they mean "brutal theocracy," and the only reason they don't say it is because they're incapable of telling the truth.


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