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Insults against common decency.

So. You're flying back home from a foreign country when someone on the pairplane gets sick and the plane has to do an emergency landing. After the airplane lands, the local police pulls your family out from the passengers waiting to reboard the airplane and toss you into jail.

You must be some sort of horrible criminal, right?

Oh, hohoho no! You're a Canadian citizen, your father is Iranian, the airport your flight was diverted to was on US territory, and that was enough to have the fucking beacon of liberty and freedom kidnap your entire family and toss them into a private prison.

To be fair, the blame isn't completely on the United States here. Mini-Me could have had Canada's New Government(tm) lodge an official complaint against the American Imperium, but I suppose that would have gotten in the way of the American-style campaign of blood libel against the Liberal Party (and, really, you can't sell out Canada to American big business if you're going to be insulting the United States while you do it, because the important thing to the American Imperium isn't that you give in, but that you do it as cravenly as possible.)

I'd say this was a good reason for Canada to get The Bomb, but, shoot, Canada's got Stephen Harper, which appears to be the same thing as taping a "kick me" sign to the back on every able-bodied Canadian citizen who isn't in Mini-Me's circle of friends. If Canada had the bomb, Mini-Me would be too busy waving it at Iran to pay any attention to the malignant despotism spreading on their southern border.

I'll not bother to write my typical spittle-flecked rant against the USA. It's not really changed (yes, it would be nice if the Democratic Party would stop calling me until they repeal the goddamn torture bill and start impeachment proceedings against the Coward in Chief, but I know their cowardly habits have been there for a generation, and are thus hard to break even when a Pol Pot-style despot is busily wrecking the county) and what's the point of cutting and pasting my usual rant when all you need to do is look at the archives?

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Thank you, orc, for posting about this. Much appreciated! I’ve got a campaign going on my site for Canadians to write Foreign Minister Peter MacKay. Many bloggers have already joined, and are busily writing letters. Their help is gratefully appreciated. Don’t know what this will accomplish, but we have to try. I’m running out of ideas. My brain is very angry and very tired.

thanks again!

(I didn’t see anywhere on your site if you’re from ‘here’ or the US, not that it matters. Actually, anyone can join our campaign, as it’s a human rights issue, NOT simply a ‘Canadian’ issue. Right?

Annamarie Sat Feb 24 16:35:36 2007

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