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The student is stronger than the master

Two stories from Canada's New Government:


"Extremist elements" in the Liberal caucus are leading party leader Stephane Dion to become soft on terrorism, Prime Minister Stephen Harper alleged in the House of Commons on Thursday.

The prime minister went out of his way on two separate occasions in question period to attack Dion's decision to reverse his party's support of an anti-terror law measures that provides police with additional powers to stop suspected terrorists.


Steven Harper is frankly admitting that he's looking for judges who will back his law-and-order agenda - and provoking cries from his opponents that he's trying to subvert the judiciary for political ends.

"We are bringing forward laws to make sure that we crack down on crime - that we make our streets and communities safer," the prime minister declared in the Commons on Wednesday. "We want to make sure our selection of judges is in correspondence with those objectives."

This is impressive. It took the Evil Party a decade before they could start with the blood libels and blatant court packing, and Mini-Me is doing just more than a year after the Canadian Evil Party (yes, yes, I'm aware that the NDP pulled the plug on the Martin government, but it was the CEP that picked up the electoral bucket and ran with it) suckered the Canadian electorate into voting the Liberals out of power?

That's a dangerous dangerous PM you've got there, Canada. Don't blink or you'll end up with the same sort of country that the United States has become, but without the big wad of money built up over 50 years of postwar dominance.

(links via The Galloping Beaver and Peace, Order, and Good Government, eh?)