This Space for Rent

It’s a bird! It’s a train! It’s a, um, aerial tramway.

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This afternoon, after I left The Most Exciting Job In The World™, I got to the streetcorner just in time to see the #19 bus go whooshing by. So, instead of sitting at the bus stop cooling my heels for (n: n is usually > 30 during rush hour) minutes waiting for the next #19 to come by, I walked up to Gibbs Street and parked myself there for a while so I could get some pictures of the aerial tramway in action.

There's not much new to see, and there's even less to see when you consider that it's dusk on a rainy day, but I got the chance to finally take some pictures from the south and from below the line. Lair Hill is a pretty place, and it doesn't look like it's been too mangled by the depradations of urban development (normally this wouldn't be a problem, except that it's in SW Portland, and in particular it's in the malign development zone known as John's Landing, so the densification it's undergoing has a lot of really tacky horrible modern boxes and apartment blocks. I'll have to go back on a sunny day sometime after I bail on TMEJITW so I can get some better pictures of the place (and, for a change, some pictures of North and South that won't prominently feature rain and overcast.)