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Proof, if you needed it, that the B*sh junta is planning on yet another illegal war

Powerpoint really spiffs up bogus evidence, doesn't it
(image via a p*w*rp**nt document posted on Talking Points Memo)

"Indicates they are of Iranian production," eh? Sure, if you disregard serif vs. sans serif, small caps vs. lowercase, and the different content on the items. Perhaps them being cylindrical proves they're Iranian?

The quality of this "evidence" comes off this document like the stench from a rotting moose. And if there's anything that we've learned about Maximum Leader Genius and his merry pack of war criminals, it's that they don't ever bother to waste any time actually fabricating convincing evidence for, well, anything they intend to do.

Now, I'd be shocked if some Iranian munitions weren't finding their way into the Hobbesian paradise that Iraq has become, because Iran does provide some support to the non-phalangist militias in southern Lebanon and if there's one thing that makes a universal currency in a region that's being pushed into chaos by superpowers, it's munitions. But the obvious distain for actually trying to find any of those weapons (to me, the font on the "known iranian munition™" mortar container looks an awful lot like a container from the United States) is pretty compelling proof that, yes, it's another case where quality is job none and the Coward in Chief is going to attempt to drive the United States into yet another atrocity against christian ethics and simple human decency.