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Cute baby pictures of the day

Russell holds a pebble he yanked out of the wall at the Mekong Grill tonight
Russell holds up a pebble that fell out of the wall at the Mekong Grill tonight.

Silas holds a sprig of biohazard in his mouth
To my horror, Silas appears to have inherited the gene that makes biohazard palatable. Here he's holding a sprig of it in his mouth without spitting it out, gagging, or even making a disgusted face over the horrible taste. Worse yet, he actually ate the horrid stuff after I took this picture. The horror, the horror!

(I took this picture with the f1.4 lens on my *istDS; no flash was needed, and since there was a bank of halogen lights in the background I actually could run the shutter fast enough to take the picture without photographer shake.)


haha that is so funny!!! my little sister used to do the same thing when she was little its a wee bit disturbing but hay! whatever floats their boats. just look at it like this, you will always have something to haunt them with when they get older and give you hail> (at skool inappropiate language) lol thanks kelsey renae

kelsey renae Tue Feb 27 07:04:38 2007

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