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One thing I've noticed when reading Canadian weblogs is that pretty much all of the US emigres to that country claim that there are no similarities between Stephen "Mini Me" Harper's government and the B*sh junta, while everyone else is a little more dubious about a government that keeps hiring Evil Party consultants and welcoming barking mad christopaths up so they can have made-in-Canada style "Justice Sundays" where they openly agitate for overthrow of Canada in favor of a Mini Me-sized theocracy to go alongside the theocracy they hope to impose on the United States.

I'm afraid I fall into the "suspect the worst" category, despite trying to convince my family to emigrate to Canada. But it's possible that 47 years of exposure to the stated aims of the Evil Party down here has made me cynical about conservative governments everywhere, it's merely a coincidence that every other conservative government I've seen (and that includes the so-called "Labour" party in the UK and the BC "Liberal" party) gravitates towards Hobbesian anarchies like a fly towards the sugar bowl, and that "Canada's New Government™" will not inevitably follow that same path.

But when I read about stunts like:

The Tories dismissed as insignificant a Liberal bill that would require them to table a plan within 60 days explaining how they would meet Canada's commitments under the climate-change treaty.

The bill is slated for a final vote in the House of Commons next Wednesday, having easily sailed through an earlier vote with the support of all three opposition parties.

I begin to suspect that I'm possibly not being cynical enough, and my impression that Mini Me is a smarter version of Maximum Leader Genius is right on the money. There is no signing statement here, but a blunt "we're going to disobey the law" is pretty much the same thing as the boilerplate "I'm rubber and you're glue" signing statement that the B*sh junta attaches to a bill that they intend to disobey.

(Globe and Mail article via My Blahg,The Galloping Beaver, Canadian Cynic, etc.)


Mini-me is the exact same as the Idiot Son: the pawn of God-botherers, anti-environmentalists, and wannabe aristocrats. He even uses the same media people, which backfired on him when he aired attack ads two days after Stephane Dion became head of the Liberal Party. Apparently Canadians didn’t think too much of that tactic, and Harper’s popularity, already not flying high, dropped steadily.

Francois Sat Feb 10 16:06:52 2007

Spot on analysis.

And Mini-Me is, in some ways, scarier than Maximum Leader 1A precisely because he is, himself, smart enough not to need a 1B named Dick.

Regarding the emigres, I think you have to factor in the fact that many of them must cling to the fact that this is still the Canuckistan that fled to (which, if Mini-Me wins a majority, it most surely will soon not be).


RossK Sun Feb 11 23:27:49 2007

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