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Representatives from 57 countries on Tuesday signed a long-negotiated treaty prohibiting governments from holding people in secret detention.

Yes, but what's behind door #2?

The United States declined to endorse the document, saying its text did not meet U.S. expectations.

And by declined to endorse, the article means did not sign.

It's certainly a more honest approach than the typical B*sh junta approach of interrupting a speech about how the USA would never never torture so that the goddamn Coward in Chief can go out back and play fun with scalpels, but it's not any less despicable.

Am I surprised at this? Actually, yes, because this time around the B*sh junta didn't actually lie about it (by saying "we won't do secret detention" when it's painfully clear that the US does do secret detention) but, for what may be the first time since they overthrew the US government, actually didn't sign an agreement they intended to break.

(Washington Post article via Michael Froomkin)