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Democrats, newly in control of Congress, may jettison many of Bush's domestic proposals and have pledged aggressive oversight of Iraq spending. But Democratic leaders have promised not to cut off funding for the troops.

(via a Reuters article on Mt. Doom's proposed orgy of corruptionbudget.)

Where to begin (aside from pounding my head against the table)?

If the Democratic Party cared about the troops, they'd zero the entire military budget today and not even talk about restoring funding until those poor bastards started to arrive back in the United States. Anything else can be filibustered (thanks, of course, to the Democratic Party not being smart enough to maneuver the Evil Party into abolishing filibuster any time during the last two years.) Of course this would mean that the Democratic Party would have to start listening to voices other than the parasitic group of courtiers who run the A-list parties inside the Washington beltway, and I can understand why it would be more important to get into the right parties than to, oh, perhaps take into consideration the political health of this pathetic second-rate empire I'm condemned to live in.

I'll mark this down as yet another thing that the Stupid Party will have to do before I support them again. And given that they aren't trying to ram an anti-torture bill through, I don't think I'll be bothering to hold my breath waiting for that day to come.

(link to the Reuters article via Arthur Silber)