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Two lego spaceships

A month or so ago, I built a little survey ship for Darth Tiffany, so she could have something to do as a good guy. The bears were not content with this ship, and wanted a different ship of their own, so I went back to the legobins and built them a bigger survey ship. This ship has not been played with very much -- they appear to be more interested in asking me to reconstruct various parts of it (it's been stretched twice, the keel has been extended, and I redid the front of the ship to move the bridge up to the second deck and the mess hall into the space that used to be the computer/nav room.

This morning, Russell was working away on something which, due to lack of tea related complete cerebral shutdown, I didn't actually notice (even after he tried to show it to me.) Eventually the tea kicked in and I did notice.

He'd made a model of the spaceship I made, complete with a removable shuttle and roof. And even though it took me a couple of day to build the big shuttle ship, it didn't take him more than about a hour to build his 1/3rd scale model.

rear 3/4ths view­ front view­ both spaceships let you remove their shuttlecraft ­ both spaceships let you remove their roofs


Hey these two lego space ships rock! I use to build ones only half that size. Sure brings me back to when I was young looking at those cool pics.

Stormrising Thu May 22 02:18:15 2008

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