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Preach it, brother

[...] There is no discussion here, and no other legitimate point of view. Torture is wrong (even if, yes, that bomb is ticking) and only Nazis, Stalinists, Imperial Japanese, Saddam, and other assorted baddies thought it was acceptable. We, as a nation, do not accept torture as legitimate, and if you do, please leave. I hope and pray those Americans foolish enough to think torture is ok in this war are held accountable for their actions in a court of law. Our nation spoke when we ratified the convention on torture and the Geneva Conventions. It is US law, and it is not fit to even discuss any exceptions. Period. We are not Nazis. We do not torture - and those who do so in our name should be placed in a small cell in Leavenworth for an extended period of time.

(--JD Henderson, Intel Dump)