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Crossing the line.

...Democrats, while being careful to say that they had made no decision to block the detainee bill...

The "detainee bill" in question is the torture bill, which legalizes such tortures as water torture (Spanish Inquisition), conveyer (USSR), and strappado (Spanish Inquisition, USSR, Israel.) And what do the self-proclaimed "religious" Democrats do? Any peep about it being evil and an insult to every citizen of the United States?

Shit, no, because that might offend the "morality" vote that has already sold out everything they claim to believe in just to vote for the party that wants to kill all the faggots (or at least the ones who don't work on Capitol Hill -- the Evil Party is very good at making sure their pogroms don't touch the people who plan and organize the lynch mobs.)

By their inaction, they damn their immortal souls to hell, where they can continue with their tradition of "cooperating" with the Evil Party members who sold their souls to the devil long ago.

And me? If the Democrats attempt to compromise with pure evil, they can get their votes and money from someone else.


Ok, I know your home-rolled blog software doesn’t do trackbacks, so I just thought I’d let you know that I <a href=“”>linked to this post. And I’m damn tempted to link to just about every other post you’ve written in the last couple of days. Especially the “Article 1, Section 9, Paragraph 2” one.

Paul Tomblin Wed Sep 27 12:09:20 2006

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