This Space for Rent

Yay!!! … and not-yay.

Pentax has just introduced a 10mpixel camera, which would be a lovely thing to attach (after I win the lottery) to a deep enough ('enough' meaning that I should be able to see the whites of a bee's eyes) macro lens. This would be a unqualified good thing, except for one teeny detail; with all of the image stabilization and dust-cleaner-offer technology wedged into the camera, it ends up being about 10% larger and heavier than the teeny-tiny *istDS that currently lives in my purse. And, you know, if I wanted a huge SLR, I already know where to find Nikon and Canon, and then I wouldn't have to do a holy-grail style search to find or make a lens mount adaptor.

I suppose if I semi-permanently attached one to a 400+mm macro lens the additional 10% would fall into the noise (14.5 inches vs 15 inches isn't really noticable) but it's still a point against it, because eventually I'd want to carry it as an everyday camera, and then I'd notice and be continually annoyed by the extra volume. This is a moot concern, because of the teeny difficulty of not wanting to spend US$8000 on additional lenses plus camera, but it's still annoying because eventually my *istDS will fail, and at the rate that digital cameras go obsolete it's very likely that the whole *ist.+ and K1.0D series will have gone the way of the buffalo, and then I'd HAVE to get a huge waddling waterbuffalo of a camera.