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Normal people would hide their pornography in the dresser…

If this is pornographic to you, PLEASE DON'T TELL ME ABOUT IT
... but the people who claim that *I'm* normal are few and far between.


So where do you hide your pornography?

Paul Tomblin Wed Sep 13 15:29:17 2006

Oh, it depends. Most of it (the railroad pictures and the houseplans) sit on the fileserver, where they’re only a slow slow slow wireless link away from the laptop and the machine in the library. I’ve got a few architecture books, too, and they usually sit in the bedroom (for lack of a proper bookshelf to put them on.)

If I wanted nudie pics, all I’d need to do is go to my referrer logs and look at all the other search results for all of the searches that lead to <a href=“”>my hot hot hot flower sex or <a href=“”>Playmite of the Month posts, and then I wouldn’t even need to clutter up my file server with the miracle of airbrushing.

David Parsons Wed Sep 13 15:41:36 2006

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