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Accidents will happen.

And it's purely the sheerest coincidence that a US missile should hit exactly in the center of the red cross on top of this Red Cross ambulance. It's really quite amazing how Israel, despite using precision missiles and laser-guided bombs, can so often accidentally hit ambulances, three-story UN outposts that were clearly marked as UN buildings (and which had, during the eight hours that they were being accidentally attacked by Israel, made repeated attempts to get Israel to stop bombing them), and civilian automobiles. Shoot, Hezbollah, who are officially freedom-hating terrorists™, have only killed 1/10th as many civilians with their deliberate targetting of civilians as Israel has accidentally killed during this attempted invasion.

If I was in charge of the IOF's weapons procurement agency, I'd be saying "no thanks" to those shiploads of precision missiles and laser-guided bombs that the American Imperium is rushing over and instead be shopping around for some of those state-of-the-1970s Iranian munitions that Hezbollah is defending Lebanon with.

If, on the other hand, the IOF is deliberately committing war crimes, they should stick to the precision munitions. After all, you wouldn't want one of your cluster bombs to go off-target and accidentially kill an enemy soldier, because that would totally mess up your kill rates.

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It’s hard to target little kids. They are so small. And ambulances drive notoriously fast.

Israel definitely needs those precision guided missiles to make sure they can hit such small and fast targets.

Mash Thu Jul 27 15:25:33 2006

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