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Oh, this is unpleasant

I just went down into the basement to put some clothes into the dryer and discovered that tonight was the night the washing machine chose to dump two inches of water all over the basement floor.


Once upon a time my income would have been enough to actually pay to get this sort of crap repaired, but, no, US$100,000/year appears to be enough to have a nice sunken swimming pool in my basement whether or not I want one.


Yes, that’s unpleasant, but not nearly as unpleasant as the time I had a sewer line back up into my basement…

Aaron B. Hockley Wed Jul 19 08:00:13 2006

Oh, we had <a href=“”>that happen last winter, and about all that can be said about this round of basement flooding is that there weren’t little floating poop islands in the inrushing torrent.

I may just buy a container and move the contents of the basement up into it; that way if we ever move it will be ready to go without any fuss, muss, or bother.

David Parsons Wed Jul 19 11:49:13 2006

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