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He’s a quick learner.

So. Eight Canadian citizens are killed during an Israeli attack on civilians inside Lebanon, and Mini-Me won't even lift a finger to criticize Israel for killing them? That's pretty impressive, even in the context of Mini-Me's attempts to do the Cliff's Notes version of "how to be a neocon dictator" as if it was the full study guide.

Shoot, in the United States the B*sh junta at least waited for the WTC to be destroyed before writing off large chunks of the population as not being worthy of note. But the Tories are busily sawing off Canadian citizens left and right because to defend them would mean offending their new nuclear-armed BFF.

That's one hell of a government that Canada put in place. Mini-Me appears to be an unprincipled version of George W B*sh, and that's a difficult position to fill. I'll bet that Mini-Me can do for the Canadian reputation what B*sh has done to the US's reputation, and Canada doesn't even have hundreds of years of bloody foreign interventions to base a bad reputation on.