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Spider picture of the day

When I went downstairs to make tea this morning, I had to rinse out the teapot before I could put new tea into it. As I was absent-mindedly washing it out, I realized that something was watching me. This little spider was sitting at the end of a dragline, just hanging out and trying to figure out if it could poison me, wrap me in silk, and drag me off to its lair. So what if I'm approximately 50,000 times as large as it was? After all, what's life without hope and dreams?


After all, what’s life without hope and dreams?


lovely spider and lovely picture. do you leave such beasties where you find them, as i do, or do you remove them to the outdoors?

i have so many pets…

grendel's arm Sun Jul 16 22:36:08 2006

I leave spiders alone; I reserve my homicidal impulses for ants, grain moths, and wasps, which are more than enough on the annoying house pest front.

David Parsons Mon Jul 17 12:22:40 2006

no! <a href=“”>not the wasps!

the few people that know me think me fairly odd because i will capture and release even wasps that somehow make it into my house. i do admit to killing most the ants i see indoors, though (there’re are too fucking many!). i cannot afford to share what little food i have.

grendel's arm Tue Jul 18 21:52:23 2006

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