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One more day at Brooklyn Yard

Amtrak has adjusted the schedule for train #507 so that it leaves Portland Union Station at 18:15 instead of 17:30. This makes the north end of the yard just a little bit more boring than it used to be. And any thoughts I had of hiking in to the middle edge of the yard has to be put on hold for a while, because at the same time some vandals were attempting to burn down the Toonerville bridge some other criminals were breaking into Brooklyn Roundhouse and (I presume) prying parts off the steam Eng!s for resale to scrappers and unscrupulous locomotive parts collectors, and this means that the railroad police will be in a more-paranoid-than-Stazi mode for quite some time.

Perhaps I'll be able to get some different pictures from the Holgate bridge. I'll have to try that next week.


Envy. We do have a couple of maintenance yards in San Diego County. One at the north end for the Coaster commuter train. The other is for the San Diego trolley. San Diego is railroad poor. sigh.

Lynn Sun Jul 9 09:41:10 2006

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