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Now that’s odd behavior

One would think that when you look over the fence and see a massive multi-train headon collision, that you'd bolt the other way as fast as you could to get away from flying debris. But this is apparently not what's happening in Nova Scotia; they're worried about the way that health-care costs are jacking up (mainly due to the rapacious pirates who run the big pharmaceutical companies; I'd think that the best way to deal with price gouging would be to just repeal the letter of marque [drug patent protection] that was given to them, but that's just me), so, in the interests of inclusiveness, they are considering the worst possible alternative in allowing private (==profit-making) vendors into the healthcare system. Presumably under the logic that a non-profit organization with 32 million clients will not have the sort of leverage a dinky little profit-making hmo with, at best, several hundred thousand clients can have with the abovementioned rapacious pirates.

After all, it's worked out so well in the United States; that's why we pay more money for healthcare than Canadians do, that's why we have 43 million or so uninsured people, most of which only see hospital care when they end up in an emergency room that is not allowed to turn them away, and that is why we have a lower life expectancy and, on average, are more sick for longer than Canadians are. But we do pay more money, which means that a small group of unelected bureaucrats can make money beyond the dreams of avarice, so I can see why a Tory government would think that this is the bestest idea in the whole wide world!

It's good (in a horrifying way) to see that the self-immolation sickness that is infecting the entire English-speaking world has leapt the Maple Curtain and is now running wild in Canada. After all, it would be embarrassing to the United States if our system completely collapsed and the educated classes could migrate to a state with a functional government.