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Gadget Lust

This knife comes with the usual array of implements of destruction, and in addition it has a needle, thread, a nail file, a mirror(?), and a secret compartment to hold perfume. I'm not really a perfume person (I don't wear it and I generally don't like it when my lust objects wear it [an English woman who I engaged in a mutual train wreck with used a scented bath soap which I rather liked, and there's something about the smell of a freshly washed man that makes my knees weak, but neither of those fragrances really count as perfume]), but having a knife with a needle, thread, and file would be very useful when you're on a vacation and have a garment emergency.

And it's pink, and it has a little heart logo on it. Could there be anything more manly than that?

Regrettably, Feministing is probably right when they say it's sexist. For some inexplicable reason, sensible appliances on a swiss army knife make it a girly object (men, presumably, will use their swiss army knives to hunt down, kill, skin, and eat full-grown polar bears, but are are not able to mend damaged clothing.) Oh, well, more for me.


Use the secret vial for poison rather than perfume. Makes it much more manly.

Paul Tomblin Thu Jul 6 18:20:57 2006

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