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Building a prototype house (pt 2)

The shed we're building in the backyard isn't moving very quickly, but it is moving. The foundation has not advanced at all in the past couple of weeks (I intend to remove part of the driveway and use the rubble from that demolition to finish the foundation), but we have managed to build part of the frame, using wood salvaged from our ex-deck, wood salvaged from a dumpster, and some wood I actually bought new.

The shed is small enough so that I can build the balloon frame, tape it together to check dimensions, then collapse it and store the walls in the garage until later. "Later", in this case, will be when the foundation and ground floor deck is complete.

Part of the floor (shown installed in this picture) is a 5x3 slab of terranzo that I got from SCRAP. My nephew Tyler thinks that it might be a spare piece of terranzo from the Portland airport, which makes sense to me (I am no longer a frequent enough visitor to be able to remember much about the way airport terminal is furnished.) There's a foot gap at the head of the terranzo, so I'm going to put a built-in bench there so that people can go into the shed and take off their muddy shoes before going further into the expansive 6'x8' interior.


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Jonathan Versen Tue Jul 4 08:08:21 2006

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