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And, no, I'm not going to stand around the railroad yard waiting for an Amtrak train to show up. And from the looks of it nobody else was willing to stand around the railroad yard; for the first time in a long time the only cars visible in the yard were the ones attached to the freight that was waiting for permission to transit east Portland.

Even the Eng!s looked like they were melting.

An empty yard is a well-run yard. Or maybe all the freight cars just melted?

I walked from 17th and Haig down to the mainline, walked south to Lafayette and the Toonerville bridge, took a couple of pictures from the bridge, then walked over to the next bus stop, and by the time I got there I was soaked with sweat. Ugh. I've been too long in this part of the world; I'm sweating more here than I ever did in New Orleans, and the sweat there had to fight its way past the 100% humidity before it could actually do anything.