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So, where are the politics?

I’ve just not had the sort of mental energy that’s needed to comment on politics, and also before I do that I need to modify annotations to have subject areas so people can look at posts on one topic without needing to see posts on other topics. There are some people who don’t think that railfanning should go on a (snort) Serious Political Weblog and there are people who don’t want to clutter up their railfan reading with political discussions. So I need to make it possible for people to look at or without needing to see the other stuff. And I need to do it in the one true programming language (or, heh, FORTRAN – Laugh while you can, monkeyboy), which requires a little more mental effort than I appear to be capable of this month.

Photos, on the other hand, require absolutely no mental energy, because I’ve set the Pentax up to save them as jpegs, and thus I don’t do any postprocessing aside from cropping the image to fit. So it’s another round of cute baby pictures and locomotives for the entire bar.


Balance, the spice of life. I like the mix. I vote no change.

Ken Parks Wed Jun 14 18:03:31 2006

Eh, that’s exactly why I have (trains) and (politics/tech/whatever). That said, it really doesn’t bother me to read the mix here. Besides, I have to read some of your liberal writings every now and then to reaffirm why conservatives are called “right” :) -Aaron

Aaron B. Hockley Wed Jun 14 18:55:45 2006

OOOOOOOOOOO! A Buckaroo Bonzai reference. Swoon.

lynn Wed Jun 14 20:14:43 2006

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