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Railroad picture of the day

As the days get longer, I've taken to switching to the #70 bus at Milwaukie and Powell so I can go down 17th (and by Brooklyn yard) and see if anything interesting is happening in the railroad department. Today, I heard a single "Toot" when I was waiting for the #70 bus, so I instead hopped on a #17 and rode it one stop (conveniently next to the north throat of Brooklyn yard.) This container train was waiting there, but nothing else was in sight, and even though I waited 15 minutes just in case (and heard occasional "Toots" from what I can only guess were Eng!s moving around the yard), nothing else came into view.

Locomotive horns were blowing when I got off the bus down by home, so I presume the evening rush of Amtrak+transfer freights was waiting for me to get out of sight before they all went swooshing on by. One of these days I'm going to snap and buy a scanner so I can actually go down to the yard when a train is moving.


If you decide to buy a handheld, rather than a generic scanner go with a Yaesu VX-170. It’s actually a radio, and will pick up things a lot better than a scanner with less interference. E-mail me if you want more info.

Aaron B. Hockley Tue Jun 13 22:51:45 2006

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