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Oh, look, congressional Republicans are actually capable of sensing danger

They killed the stupid "no inheritance taxes for the super-rich!" bill. Amazing. Someone must have knocked old Grover over the head and tossed him into the soundproof room down at the Old Glibertarian Rest Home and Insane Asylum, then sat down with the Evil Party caucus and pointed out to them that letting the super-rich not pay any taxes at all is not likely to maintain goodwill with the paid-minimum-wage-but-still-paying-20%-taxes people who carry elections for them.

This is the first thing I've seen this year that makes me think that the 2006 midterm elections might not end up with the same sort of interesting results that the last three elections gave the United States. If the Evil Party won't vote more tax breaks for the Hilton, Walton, and Nordstrom families this means there must be some really interesting (and by really interesting, I mean horrifying if you're an Evil Party supporter) poll numbers coming out of the GOP's internal polling organization.

(link via Atrios)


This is staggeringly good news (but remember, it’s just a reprieve for now…didn’t Arnold speak for Rs when he said “I’ll be back”???). Let’s also give credit to the army of estate tax supporters who have gone to the well time and again to bring the truth to our Reps & Senators - and persuaded at least two to see the light.

Here in Oregon, particular kudos to Jody Wiser and Chuck Sheketoff, amongst others!

activist kaza Fri Jun 9 00:23:47 2006


Beware the temporary, ‘Don’t worry we won’t screw you reprieve’ that is followed a few weeks later by a stealth slap up the side of the collective head under the cover of oh, I don’t know, the crowing over the death of a bogeyman.

Case in point….didn’t I read something in the NYT today (only buy print on Friday’s for the Movie section - only reportage in that thing I trust anymore) indicating that a trojan horse on net neutrality was ushered through the chamber yesterday?


RossK Fri Jun 9 23:37:30 2006

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