This Space for Rent


I asked the bears if they'd prefer a mountain cabin or a seaside cabin. Since the memories of digging on the beach were fresh in their minds, they said (of course) that they wanted a seaside cabin.

Now, you're not likely to find affordable land for cabins along the Oregon coast (I suppose I could step around the ancien régime amendment by buying land with a cabin, then demolishing the cabin and building one of my own, but that's just a little bit wasteful) so I did some brief MLS searches.

Looking at real estate is always interesting these days. Sure, there's some cheap land when you get > 15 kilometers away from the coast, but if you're looking at < 500 meters from an accessable beach and within 3 hours drive of Little Beirut, it gets ridiculous. US$300,000 for a "distant beach view" ? Aaaaiiieeee!

I suspect what I'll do is get some land along the I-5 corridor in Washington, then spend some money bringing in a few truckloads of sand and painting a "pretend this is the ocean" mural on the wall of the house. It might not be tremendously convincing, but it won't require selling our existing house to underwrite it.