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Wasting money the OHSU way

It's amazing; no sooner does the city knuckle under and promise to toss a few more millions onto the (now approximately 400% above the initial budget, thanks to a few tiny revisions to the original plan) OHSU Lathe of Heavenish aerial tramway than the lower station structure just sort of pops up out of nowhere.

I am still unsure why the city of Portland should be spending a dime of money on a private tramway that's designed to do nothing except carry OHSU staff and customers from one OHSU building to another, and I would rather the city spend that US$7 million or so on, oh, maybe extending the trolley line through Homer's wonderland so that the people that live there might actually be able to get out without causing traffic jams, but I'm not a city official and don't have do deal with the nonstop whining coming from rich people demanding more government entitlements.

If Portland can get out from under this stupid tramway without spending more than US$10 million, perhaps it will be a lesson about paying better attention to requirement creep after you've signed off on a project. Perhaps the next time around they'll fire the differently competent project manager when the first 100% budget overrun is proposed?