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Railroad picture of the day (second try)

Well, when I took the previous RR picture of the day, I really thought that would be the last chance I'd have to take a picture of an Eng! today. But, no sooner had I arrived home and shovelled this picture off the camera than the best informed me that

  1. we had a US$35 gift certificate from Old Wives' Tales, and
  2. It was friday, damnit, so
  3. we were going there for dinner.

So we piled into the car and drove up to OWT, passing the previous Eng!s, ate dinner, then turned around and drove back towards home. At Division & 11th, our way was blocked by the train in scene 7, which was heading north and blocking the 11th street crossing, so we detoured east on Division to 20th, then south to Powell, then west to....

... hello? There were two Amtrak twinkies sitting on the 17th St overpass. We turned around as soon as we could, and pulled off by the side of 17th just as they hooted and started pushing their train back northwards. We parked the car, took a couple of quick pictures, and watched the train slowly vanish between a couple of buildings.

We sat there and waited, discussing whether or not the train was going to be coming back or not, and decided that it probably was just before we heard a chorus of hoots as it crossed 11th or 9th or 7th street.

I got out of the car and tried to find an uncluttered spot to take a few pictures from, and then we all heard the twinkies accelerating towards us as fast as they could go.

Popping around the corner

Uncluttered is a relative term.