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It’s through the lookingglass time..

... here at Chateau Chaos, because I find myself sympathising with a member of the Evil Party in one of the periodic Evil Party vs Stupid Party hissyfits. In this case, the Evil Party member I'm sympathising with is the odious Jeff Gannon (a second-string Evil Party mouthpiece who got a lot of attention last year when he was the White House designated fluff questioner at the pretend press conferences the White House holds. His performances were, as to be expected from an Evil Party apparachnik, pretty appalling -- his, um, "questions" to the press secretary were along the line of "don't you agree that it's horrible that all the Democrats beat their wives?" -- but his other job [prostitute] was what made him, briefly, into the world's greatest lefty chewtoy before he withdrew from (or his masters yanked him out of) the press pool and went on to a less visible job.) Mr. Gannon ended up being put onto an Equality Forum panel about weblogs as the token self-loathing gay Republican in the middle of a sea of centrist and lefty commentators.

Some of these commentators saw Mr. Gannon's name, remembered how fun it was that he was the lefty chewtoy of the week, and wanted to do an encore performance. Equality Forum (and presumably Mr. Gannon) said no. The lefties insisted that they be allowed to treat Mr. Gannon as a chewtoy. Equality Forum said no.

Then the lefty commentators took their toys and went home. And expected the world to sympathise with them.

I'm sorry, but I can't do it. I've seen Mr. Gannon on various media panels (the one I most remember is when Ana Marie Cox verbally eviscerated him without even raising a sweat) and he's really his own worst enemy without having a bunch of lefties batting the chewtoy around. It's boring to watch chewtoys get batted around, and Equality Forum is being perfectly reasonable by saying no and insisting that the lefties actually discuss things that might be of interest to someone other than the A list lefty weblog community.

So it's the apocolypse. I'm expecting to see the giant meteors and alien invasion before the end of the week.