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To meme the impossible meme

Dave at the Galloping Beaver has decided to fling a hot potato over to me in the form of a "name five wierd habits" list request.

Well, aside from the small detail that I think that it's everybody else who's wierd, not me, here are five habits of mine that people might think are wierd.

  1. I don't drive. I don't even have a drivers license, but rely on the kindness of strangers (usually in the form of tri-met bus and trolley drivers, and occasionally taxi drivers) to get to and from work.
  2. I don't like to call people on the telephone.
  3. I want to build myself a house. I don't want to hire other people to do it (well, aside from excavating a basement and installing the roof) but I want to do it myself. In my copious spare time.
  4. I want to move to Canada, even though Mini-Me has mistaken the Cliff's Notes version of the Evil Party "How to get rich while destroying a country" textbook for the real thing.
  5. The best thinks that my wanting the bears to call me by my given name is wierd. "Very sixties" is the exact phrase she used, but that's close enough to "wierd" these days.

To pass the hot potato around, I'll fling it at