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Pentagon planners are [..] contemplating tactical nuclear devices.

  1. The military scientists, engineers and war geeks have it all wrong. It really doesn't take much effort to make a tactical nuclear device. In fact, it's actually a rather straightforward two-step process:

    1. Take one nuclear weapon with the destructive power of as many Hiroshima bombs as you like.
    2. Add the word "tactical" to the description.

    --tristero, writing at Hullabaloo

  2. All of us were looking up the sky, pointing out the aircraft. Then the teachers came out from the school building and the class leaders gave the command to fall in. Our faces were all shifted from the direction of the sky to that of the platform. That was the moment when the blast came. And then the tremendous noise came and we were left in the dark. I couldn't see anything at the moment of explosion just like in this picture. We had been blown by the blast. Of course, I couldn't realize this until the darkness disappeared. I was actually blown about 10 m. My friends were all marked down on the ground by the blast just like this. Everything collapsed for as far as I could see. I felt the city of Hiroshima had disappeared all of a sudden. Then I looked at myself and found my clothes had turned into rags due to the heat. I was probably burned at the back of the head, on my back, on both arms and both legs. My skin was peeling and hanging like this. Automatically I began to walk heading west because that was the direction of my home. After a while, I noticed somebody calling my name. I looked around and found a friend of mine who lived in my town and was studying at the same school. His name was Yamamoto. He was badly burnt just like myself. We walked toward the river. And on the way we saw many victims. I saw a man whose skin was completely peeled off the upper half of his body and a woman whose eye balls were sticking out. Her whole baby was bleeding. A mother and her baby were lying with a skin completely peeled off. We desperately made a way crawling. And finally we reached the river bank. At the same moment, a fire broke out. We made a narrow escape from the fire. If we had been slower by even one second, we would have been killed by the fire. Fire was blowing into the sky becoming 4 or even 5m high. There was a small wooden bridge left, which had not been destroyed by the blast. I went over to the other side of the river using that bridge. But Yamamoto was not with me any more. He was lost somewhere. I remember I crossed the river by myself and on the other side, I purged myself into the water three times. The heat was tremendous . And I felt like my body was burning all over. For my burning body the cold water of the river was as precious as the treasure. Then I left the river, and I walked along the railroad tracks in the direction of my home. On the way, I ran into an another friend of mine, Tokujiro Hatta. I wondered why the soles of his feet were badly burnt. It was unthinkable to get burned there. But it was undeniable fact the soles were peeling and red muscle was exposed. Even I myself was terribly burnt, I could not go home ignoring him. I made him crawl using his arms and knees. Next, I made him stand on his heels and I supported him. We walked heading toward my home repeating the two methods. When we were resting because we were so exhausted, I found my grandfather's brother and his wife, in other words, great uncle and great aunt, coming toward us. That was quite coincidence. As you know, we have a proverb about meeting Buddha in Hell. My encounter with my relatives at that time was just like that. They seem to be the Buddha to me wandering in the living hell.

    --Akihiro Takahashi, describing his encounter with a tactical nuclear device


I can’t be too upset with the military on this issue. It is their job to present all the possible options with the weapons and people available. I would be more than a little nervous if they were withholding options because they didn’t like them.

No matter how bad our currently elected government is, it is much better to let all the strategic decisions get made by those elected. Militaries have a nasty habit of not considering anything beyond prosecuting the current engagement.

As far as I’m concerned, one can slap “tactical” on the whole of the Department of Defense. From the Sec. of Defense down, they haven’t the brains nor the desire to think strategically. If they did, they would just lay their guns down.

What is horrible, at the moment, is that the American People haven’t the brains to pour piss from their boots. Ergo, we have a president who thinks the whole world will just roll over and play dead for fear of upsetting the Great American Super Power.

It doesn’t matter that history teaches us that people just aren’t that afraid of us. Further, history teaches us that we cannot win, on our terms, these wars of idology. We can fight and win wars of territory only.

Iraq and Afghanistan are not wars of territory. Beating someone up for their beliefs (which is what we are doing) never goes as the bully expects. Ever. Just ask the British if they thought Ghandi was going to win in South Africa or India.

The difference is that radical belief systems that include a wrathful god means that violence – ongoing violence – is the only response that the radicals have when being told they are “wrong headed.”

It doesn’t matter what religion, either. Our Mr. President can’t see any solution that isn’t a bullet or a taunt. The man is not just an idiot, he is a danger to the world. His war on terrorism has just about as much chance of ending terrorism as the war on drugs has of ending the use of pot. Zero. In fact, there is a boat load of circumstancial evidence that the so called “war on” anything just makes the circumstances worse. For instance, pot use amoung teens is up even while becoming much more expensive. And we still don’t seem to have a shortage of young men willing to go to their god early.

The federal government bans all sorts of things that can lead to mental and physical illness. Why doesn’t it ban war?

Lynn B Dobbs Fri Apr 14 21:07:24 2006

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