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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™ – New Cats edition

After the tubular cat got cancer and died last year, I didn't really want to get another short-lived pet, but would rather just live with our old, stupid, and shy NYC kitty. I was outvoted, and after a while the best managed to convince me that since the bears really really really wanted more cats we should go and look at some cats.

So, we went out and looked at some cats, with the expected results:

Leo the striped cougar mini.

Blanche comes over to terrorize Dust Mite.


I’m sorry I didn’t catch you sooner. If you want a long lived pet, I highly recommend the miniature donkey. Get two, they’re small. Dog sized. And they live about thirty or fourty years.

My parents have a couple–Bob And Ray. And my friend Janis has an excellent blog, all about the mini donkeys:

ricky Sun Apr 9 16:58:55 2006

I can see one small problem with getting a couple of donkeys, and that’s that we’re living on a 50x100 urban lot that’s got a big old house right in the middle of it.

If we end up moving to the country (a thought that does not fill me with great glee, but given the price of land that’s the only way I can afford to build a summer camp) then it might be worthwhile to get a pair of donkeys. But it wouldn’t be fair to trap them in a tiny back yard.

David Parsons Sun Apr 9 23:32:03 2006

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