This Space for Rent

The traditional waste of time.

No, I've not totally forgotten the summer camp idea. I've been occupied with other things, but I keep coming back to planning. This is a somewhat huger version of the summercamp; it's 20x30, or a whopping 1200 square feet of strawbale-wrapped abode.

The downstairs still requires a little bit of planning; I'm sure there are some places where having a cavernous 20x30 room with a staircase up and down might be worthwhile, but for the camp to be useful we need such things as a kitchen, dining room, living room, and the sort of nooks and crannies that make the house more interesting.

20x30 doesn't do so well with a hipped roof, so I'm probably going to do back to my big pile of Stickley houseplans to see if I can find an attractive way to put a sheetmetal roof onto the structure. It might be worth something to face the front door to the south and put a porch with a large thermal mass out on that side. And the best stubbornly wants to have closets in the bedrooms, so I may have to tweak the second floor slightly to provide yet more closet space up there.