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High Treason, evil party style

Remember Valerie Plame and how she was outed by the unfortunately-named "Scooter" Libby? And how, after a bit of world class foot-dragging, the B*sh junta finally allowed an investigation to take place?

Mr. Libby is said to have testified that "at first" he rebuffed Mr. Cheney's suggestion to release the information because the estimate was classified. However, according to the vice presidential aide, Mr. Cheney subsequently said he got permission for the release directly from Mr. Bush. "Defendant testified that the vice president later advised him that the president had authorized defendant to disclose the relevant portions of the NIE," the prosecution filing said.

(--Josh Gerstein, NY Sun)

Anyone surprised at this? I'm not; "a fish rots from the head" may be an old saying, but it has consistantly described the culture of corruption that oozes out of of the Evil Party.

Impeach the motherfucker. Impeach the motherfucker now.

(via Dan Froomkin, via Michael Froomkin)