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Trolley picture of the day

A Hillsboro-bound train crosses 4th Ave in downtown Portland.

When I bought my Pentax last year (on April 1st), I got a one year extended warranty on it. Nothing has broken on the camera (yet; the last two Canons we had died about 16 months after purchase, but they both died of E18 lens errors, and the nice thing about a SLR is that if a lens goes to hell, it can be replaced without discarding the camera body) but the one year extended warranty came with "we'll clean your camera once as part of the deal", and since the warranty ended today, I needed to get it cleaned today if I was going to do it at all.

So the camera shop has my *istDS, and I'm stuck at home with the emergency camera, but I got a few trolley pictures while on the way to the camera shop.