This Space for Rent

How to annoy a liberal computer geek in one easy lesson.

From The American Prospect's weblog Tapped, right above the "powered by movable type" banner, it says

Tapped best viewed with
Microsoft Internet

I was looking at Tapped because someone linked to yet another centrist Democrat apologia for Maximum Leader Genius (which I will comment on soon), but this cute little notice on the sidebar deserves its own comment.

Most of the places where I have to deal with IE favoritism the penalty for not running IE means that I end up not getting viruses, trojan horses, or streaming pornographic movies splatted up on my tube. Here, the penalty for not running IE means, um, maybe that I don't get ads on the page? (No, it appears that not running IE means that I can't properly run some sort of javascript cookiebot. What a shame.)

I'd better switch over to Internet Explorer on my Linux workstation, because how could I live without my daily ration of stupid tracking cookies?

Oh, wait, Internet Explorer doesn't run on Linux. Darn.