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Project of the day

When the dead cherry tree in our backyard fell over, I decided I would hack it up into shorter chunks suitable for firewood. I quickly discovered that, despite the tree being dead for at least 8 years (more like 15 years; the tree was an almost limbless snag when we moved into the house in 1997 -- and the only limbs it lost after that point were the ones I've sawed off) it was still most certainly not rotten. Today, I thought that it might be a good plan to saw off a slice of the tree with the new saw, and so I spent about a hour sawing slowly through the treetrunk so I could get a 3 inch thick disk of wood for a rustic tabletop.

Normally, the "project of the day" would be the entire table, but sawing off this chunk of hardwood was, um, a little bit more physical labour that I was expecting to do. Tomorrow, if I have some energy left after rolling the two pieces of log away from where the playhouse is going to be, it might be a good day for finishing the wood so I can attach some suitably rustic legs to it.