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The sad thing is that I’m not even surprised at this

A horrifying story, via The Story So Far...

Bowman claims that this lawsuit is a pack of lies, which is a claim that can be pretty easily proven or disproven in a court of law. The thing that gets my blood to simmering lightly is that the legal action is a discrimination lawsuit, not a charge of manslaughter or negligent homicide. I guess that in West Virginia a gay man doesn't really count as human, so if one of them dies under suspicious circumstances, about all you can do is sue the murderer for discrimination in a federal court.

I see (but will not link to) that the racial purity wing of the Evil Party is rallying around the police chief, because it's meeeean to take someone to court because he let a man die. Again, this is not surprising -- by now, a spittle-flecked rage is my normal reaction to reading the news -- of course Evil Party sycophants will jump up and down and cheer like Romans after a good round of watching the lions disembowel a bunch of Christians, because their idea of "tolerance" is the same sort of "tolerance" that the Khmer Rouge had for the educated and urban classes in Cambodia.

Banning same-sex marriage is just another part of this eliminationist scheme. Every little wedge they can drive between gay people (excluding the deeply closeted quislings who run the Evil Party) and "real people" makes it just that much easier to prepare their final solution to the icky gay problem.