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Well, that was fast

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the target of a conflict-of-interest investigation over the CPC's poaching of ex-Liberal David Emerson. The surprising thing about it isn't that Harper's being investigated (doing shady political deals has become a very popular conservative [ For purposes of objectivity, I will admit that Tony Bliar is every bit as sleazy as a Republican] pastime in the English-speaking world), but that he's been tagged with an investigation so early in his, ahem, glorious term in office. I guess that this is the undesirable side-effect of Canada having a functional government instead of the ongoing train wreck that is the American Imperium.

(Edmonton Journal link via My Blahg)


Canada also has a functional press instead of Tim Russert & Howard Kurtz sucking Satan’s pecker ([tm] Bill Hicks, who also said “luckily Satan’s cock has many heads so these demon piglets can nuzzle up all at once), Faux News, and the New York Times editors working hard to get themselves invited to the best soirees. Conrad Black tried to set up a Right Wing Noise Machine up here, but the small matter of his impending conviction has slowed that down some. snnnnnffff I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning. It smells like… victory.

Francois Fri Mar 3 18:19:02 2006

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