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High technology, sewing machine style

I just got a belated Christmas present from my ex-stepmother-in-law Lynne, in the form of a Singer Centennial Featherweight sewing machine. This has the potential of being very useful in our house, because we've got approximately 5000 fabric samples (from SCRAP and Trillium Artisans) which have been stored away waiting for me to find a way of sewing them together that does not involve sewing by hand. I'm sure that there are some curtains, pillows, and misshapen irregular quilts out there that were just waiting for me to get an automatic sewing device, and there's always the cushion I'd need to make if I was going to make this sofa:

... even though I don't think it would look quite the same with the sort of fabric I'll be using to make up the cushion. I may like the craftsman style, but my color preferences are a little bit more, um, colo(u)rful than the titans of Arts & Crafts might have preferred.