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The Industrial Revolution starts at home

High technology, lego style (6.6mb MOV file)

Russell built a couple of lego machines, so I showed him how factories used to be built by attaching the engines to our lego electric motor by belts and an overhead line drive.


Speaking of Legos … try this: Legostar Galactica <>

Your site got me hooked on webcomics this is payback.


Ken Parks Thu Feb 23 12:23:34 2006

I have no joke, I just like saying “<a href="”>Darth Tiffany"

David Parsons Thu Feb 23 14:34:17 2006

Lego is the one thing I miss about being a nanny. Those wonderful blocks were <a href=“”>featured recently on my favourite Canadian TV show, Corner Gas.

L-girl Thu Feb 23 15:29:52 2006

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