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New Code!

When I put virtual host support into Postoffice, I hacked my the old sendmail based virtual passwd/alias programs into working with Postoffice. They didn't work properly (valias kept looking for the file named alias [not aliases] and I had to remember to hand-rebuild the virtual host databases after every change to the alias files.

This shameful state persisted until this week, when I published Postoffice 1.1.9 and remembered that virtual host management was still at the clack rocks together and grunt encouragingly state that is found in too many open source projects. So I stayed up late last night and clubbed vpasswd and vpoppasswd into a state where they can be built with configure on both Mastodon Linux and FreeBSD. There are still a bunch of rough edges, but here it is, ready for building.

To build vpasswd, do

          make install

The usual crop of configure options are available, plus a few vpasswd specific-ones:


valias runs newaliases after changing an aliases file; this tells it where to find the newaliases program


The user who manages the virtual hosts. This needs to be the user you configured to be the owner of your vpopd and Postoffice installations. You may specify the vuser as a user name, a username, a period, and a group name, a userid, or a userid , a period, and a group id (default: mail)


Where do the vhost configuration, password, and alias files live? (default: $confdir/virtual)


Where is vhost mail stored? (default: $spooldir/virtual)

(This post was updated for the .2 release, which I hacked in soon after arriving home this evening.)